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May 31, 2021  

Brett Bjorquist of Kaleidescape

May 31, 2021

Brett Bjorkquist, Senior Manager, Dealer Engagement, Kaleidescape joins us to discuss Kaleidescape, known for a hardware/software solution that brings full resolution audio and video movies to the home.

  • A brief introduction to Kaleidescape.
  • How do you measure the quality differences between Kaleidescape vs UHD disks, Blurays, and 4K streams?
  • How do you see the different tiers of hardware breaking down by consumer? 
  • Your software gets great user reaction, what’s the latest on that? Any chance of a software only solution?
  • Who do you see as the typical Kaleidescape consumer?
  • What would you consider a minimum necessary home theater to get the most out of a Kaleidescape system? 
  • Are all studios on board?  What about independents / Criterion?
  • What’s on your roadmap for improvements to the system?
  • The elephant in the room: Price.  Is price a driving concern for you?  Is there a big enough market for this service at this price?  Is this price sustainable in a streaming first / subscription based world?
  • There’s no ties to Movies Anywhere or any other storefront right?  Is that something you’d consider?
  • Is Apple’s effort to bring lossless audio to music a concern?  If they go full lossless quality on audio in movies what then?
  • What audio and video formats does Kaleidescape support? 
  • What is your own theater like?  
  • What do you wish people understood about Kaleidescape better?  What would make using the system even better in their homes?