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May 17, 2021  

Display calibration with Tyler Pruitt and Gregg Loewen

May 17, 2021

Special Guests: Tyler Pruitt of Portrait Displays (Calman) and Gregg Loewen of LionAV / Professional Video Alliance

Gregg and Tyler are on to discuss their work helping consumers get the most out of their displays, from monitors to flat panels to projectors.

  • What’s the takeaway on calibration these days?  Is is any easier for a lay person to get good results?  
  • What should enthusiasts look for in a calibration service?  How can they decide to do it themselves vice getting professional help?
  • Is Apple’s effort to build in calibration a gimmick or the real deal?  Isn’t it better to calibrate at the display than the player? 
  • How has the introduction of HDR into the mix changed calibration?
  • What’s the deal with all the HDR standards?  Should we care about anything besides HDR10 and Dolby Vision?
  • Can home projectors ever compete for accuracy again in an HDR world?
  • Do we -really- need displays capable of 1000 nits or more to get ‘real’ HDR?
  • Bias lights seem to have faded as a big deal, do you guys still recommend them?  Are people still putting them in?
  • Any thoughts on 3D or High Frame Rate from a calibration perspective?  How about gaming?
  • Where do you stand on streaming?  Do streams benefit significantly from calibration?  Are streams viable from an accuracy perspective?
  • What do you wish people understood about your job better?  What would make calibrating their theater better?