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November 15, 2021  

Episode 30 - Black Friday with Todd Erwin

November 15, 2021

Black Friday With special guest Todd Erwin

Reconnection (5m or less):

  • Republishing first handful of episodes in feed?
  • Sam’s Basement update, new mac, new mic! Watching shows in the living room.
  • ANOTHER SHOW next Monday!
  • Films to be buried with and other podcasts

Black Friday (Target time 1h or less):

  • What Black Friday means to you
  • When BF actually starts, and how long it lasts?
  • Current deals?
  • Future deals?
  • Is Black Friday really the best time to buy a new TV?
  • Black Friday tracking: Slickdeals, Twitter, Other web resources?
  • Camping out?  
  • Quick mention - cosmos: possible worlds, predestination

Quick Good Band and Ugly:

Sam - The Imitation Game, Rogue

Brian - Lion

Todd - Only Murders in the Building