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December 27, 2021  

Episode 32 - Adrian Silva of Stewart Filmscreen

December 27, 2021

Home Theater United

Episode 32

December 27,  2021 8:00 PM EST

Special Guest Adrian Silva of Stewart Filmscreen



  • Whatcha get for Christmas and or Boxing day???
  • Sam’s got no screen on the wall, oh no!  But the carpet is back and the walls are darker, dun dun dun!
  • JVC NZ8 still delayed
  • Matrix DRM Disaster
  • Denon 1700h still delayed (best buy had stock for about an hour tho!)
  • CES is coming!
  • Brian’s Outlaw amp

Guest Interview Adrian Silva of Stewart Filmscreen:

  • What's the general history of Stewart, have you always focused exclusively on screens?
  • What are the different lines of screen materials and form factors?
  • Can you tell us about your automated masking systems?
  • Do you sell more 16x9 or ultra wide?
  • How does someone make the call on materials?  Can you talk about your web program that goes question by question to narrow it down?  
  • White versus grey?
  • How do you select gain?
  • Are laser sparkles and PJ hot spots big considerations?
  • Can you order direct from Stewart or must you use a local rep / store?
  • Can you tell us more about the Kaleidescape deal?
  • Is there really a need for different materials with 8k?
  • What’s in your own home theaters?
  • Do you think CES 2022 will go?  Will you attend  or are you CEDIA focused?

Quick Good Bad and Ugly:

Sam - Spider-Man No Way Home Dolby Cinema

Brian - Mortal Kombat 2021 (Dick Tracy quick mention)

Adrian - A Christmas Story