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March 29, 2022  

Episode 35 - 2022 Flat Panel Preview Round Table

March 29, 2022

Home Theater United

Episode 35

March 29, 2022 7:30 PM EST

2022 new flat panel round table


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Reconnection (5m or less):

  • Brian on sabbatical 

2022 flat panel round table (Target time 1h or less):

  • What's got you jazzed about the new panels?
  • LG seems to be smashing it with C2/G2 line, is anyone else able to keep up?
  • Launch prices seem pretty reasonable, is it worth buying launch window or is Black Friday / closeout still the way to go?
  • Buying a closeout c1/g1 worth it?
  • Are the heatsinks the real deal?  
  • It's 2022, and reviewers are still talking about OLED burn in, especially for gaming.  Is this FUD or reality?
  • Going big and going small.  42" and 97. The waiting is the hardest part..
  • $25k for 97 reasonable?
  • Can projectors hope to compete and survive with panels nearing and beating 100 inches?  
  • Do you think CEDIA 2022 will go?  Will you attend?