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June 27, 2022  

Episode 37 - new and returning hobbyists with Todd Rice and Dave Hahn

June 27, 2022

Episode 37

June 27, 2022 7:30 PM EST

New and returning hobbyists

Todd Rice

Dave Hahn



  • Sam’s new toy: Rodecaster 2 - Robot Voices and spoiler alert
  • Mini G2 review: HGIG is still broken but movies and HDR10 gaming are glorious

New and returning hobbyists:

  • Where are you at with your current build?  How long have you been assembling it?  
  • Dave: What’s different in your current build from where your last one was at? You thought your last one would be the ultimate build and get you 10-20 years.  What changed your thinking?
  • What do you wish someone had told you about home theater before you began?  What are you still investigating? What do you wish the industry did a better job of explaining?
  • What's got you jazzed about 2022 displays, and what other tech are you adding?  Is Atmos on your radar?
  • Are projectors part of your investigation? Are TVs big enough for you or do you desire and have room for bigger screens?  
  • Have we reached saturation and maturity on display tech?  Are you into HDR?  Have you experienced it yet? Are retail vendors able to demo it well for you?
  • Do you read and participate on other forums besides HTF?  Are you on AVS or Bluray.com?
  • Got an opinion on physical media vs streaming / buying digitally?  Is it “And” or “Or” for you?
  • Where are you buying media?  Are sites like the HTF’s WRU or HDDN’s bargain hunting useful to you?
  • Are you a movie goer?  Have you returned post pandemic?
  • What do you see as the biggest home theater issues that most users are facing?  It’s 2022 and we are still using one way (ie dumb) RF tech to try to coordinate all our components.  How has nobody fixed this?  CAN anyone ever fix it?
  • Have you dealt with multiple HDMI and USB standards?  Are they as big a mess as Sam thinks it is?

Quick Good Bad and Ugly:

Sam - In the heat of the night

Todd - Measure of a Man

Dave - The Contractor