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May 3, 2021  

Film Restorationist Robert A. Harris (RAH) joins us to discuss his work restoring great films and the current state of film restoration

May 3, 2021

Mr. RAH is on to discuss his work restoring and preserving historic and important films, how he got started, how he sees the health of restoration efforts, and his side gig of giving “A Few Words About” recent releases:

  • How he got started doing film restoration.
  • How is restoration different than preservation?
  • Thoughts on the colorization of B&W movies
  • Color correction 
  • Restoration of 3D or High Frame Rate films?
  • How badly did the pandemic affect studios efforts to restore films?  Is the “industry” of restoration in bad shape?  Are the studios losing their appetite for big restorations? Has studio consolidation or move to streaming affected the calculus?
  • Has he embraced streaming?
  • What films that haven't made their way to disk does he most want to see?
  • What does he wish our readers understood better about restoration efforts?
  • “A Few Words About”

Plus a hilarious Good Bad and Ugly