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July 27, 2021  

More on Amps with John Rice and John Dirk

July 27, 2021

John Rice returns to fill in some of the details on amps and separates we didn't get to.  And longtime HTF member John Dirk joins to bring another perspective and talk about his journey from receiver to separates.  Brian and Sam get schooled on why higher wattage doesn't necessarily mean 'louder'.  And the John's get to show how they would spend Sam's upgrade budget to move to separates while being able to run HDMI 2.1, VRR and other new tech.

  • Introducing John Dirk

    • John’s history with amps
    • What John is running today
  • Round two on amps and separates versus integrated receivers
    • John Rice had points he didn’t get to make last time
  • Build Sam a recommended Amp stack
    • Can it do HDMI 2.1?  Only two inputs or more?


Quick Good Band and Ugly:

Sam - Spiral from the book of Saw

Brian - Birds Of Prey

John Rice - Colossal

John Dirk - Cowboys and Aliens