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April 5, 2021  

SVS joins the podcast to talk new products, how to choose between sealed, ported and tube subs, demoing awesome movies, and being a fan during the pandemic

April 5, 2021

Special Guests Nicholas Brown and Larry McGough of SVS Sound join us to discuss the launch of their new dual driver 3000 Micro Sub and more:

  • History of SVS
  • What are the advantages of a Dual Driver sub?  
  • Can we expect larger versions to hit the market? Is this the start of a whole new category?
  • Does having a dual driver help eliminate problems like room nulls?
  • Prime Elevation: Can you explain how they differ from bounce and ceiling mounted Atmos speakers?  What’s the best way to set them up in your receiver?
  • Any plans for adding integrated Atmos bounce speakers?  
  • SVS is down to two models that feature the iconic tube design, is the age of tube subs coming to a close?
  • How has the reception been to Prime Wireless?  I enjoyed my time testing it!
  • Larry’s top 5 subwoofer movie demos
  • SVS using augmented reality on website
  • New SVS SoundPath accessories?
  • SVS Live Streams on facebook and Youtube, when is the next audiophile happy hour and how has the reception to that been going?
  • What do you wish your buyers understood about subs and speakers better, both before and after sales?