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March 22, 2021  

Aspect Ratios, Streaming and Home Video

Aspect Ratios in the Streaming Age

Physical Media outlook

Directors choices

Podcasting today and in the future


March 8, 2021  

Justin Sluss from High Def Disc News joins us to talk about his journey creating a review site that kicks ass and takes screenshots

Join hosts Brian and Sam as they welcome Justin Sluss from High Def Disc News to discuss his site HDDN, how he got started and where he sees the industry going:

  • How did you get started doing the site?  What’s your current staffing like?  Are you looking for more reviewers?
  • Are you 100% discs only still or do you dabble with streams?  
  • Putting up quality screenshots
  • You've recently expanded to having a Youtube channel.  How's that going?  It's currently silent with just screenshot comparisons, any thoughts on adding commentary?
  • What films that haven't made their way to disk yet do you most want to see?
  • What do you think is the next step for home theater, what would you like to see?
  • Do you think consumers have a strong enough voice in the hobby?  Do sites like yours help give that voice a megaphone at all?
  • What do you wish your readers understood about your job better?
  • When are we going to do another hollywood or vegas meet up =)

Quick Good Band and Ugly:

February 25, 2021  

Dave Upton of HomeTheaterForum.com on Room Correction with REW and Audyssey

Join hosts Brian and Sam as they welcome HTF co-owner Dave Upton to discuss how to correct and calibrate home theaters using tools such as Room EQ Wizard (REW) and Audyssey, plus tips for physically modifying room layout and using wall treatments.

  • Dave’s history with HTF again and dealing with recent snow in Texas
  • What is Room Correction technology?
  • Isn’t Audyssey all you need?
  • What can consumers who have receivers without Audyssey do?
  • Why Room EQ Wizard?
  • Do you have to be an engineer type to use REW?
  • What can REW do that Audessey can’t?
  • What modifications can one do to a room to ‘fix’ what REW shows?
  • What else would Dave suggest folks look into to make their rooms sound better?

Also, Good, Bad and Ugly media reviews including Dave's latest pick!

February 8, 2021  

Todd Erwin of HomeTheaterForum on Streaming Frustrations

Join hosts Brian and Sam as they welcome HTF Reviewer Todd Erwin to discuss the current state of streaming and how frustrations stack up for movie and TV lovers in this brave new world.

  • Current state of the Streaming ecosystem
  • Subscription Services
  • PVOD/VOD Services
  • Available and best Devices for streaming
  • What does the future hold for streaming and what do we happens next in this space?

Also, Good, Bad and Ugly media reviews including Todd's latest review!

January 26, 2021  

All about amps with guest John Rice from Home Theater Forum

Join hosts Brian and Sam as they welcome HTF super fan John Rice to discuss using Amps and Separates in your home theater.

  • Why would you choose to go this route over an integrated receiver?
  • What are good brands to choose in this space?
  • How does a system like Audessey work with external amps?
  • Can using separates save you dough when new features come out?

Also, Good, Bad and Ugly media reviews including John's picks!

January 12, 2021  

CES 2021 and HTF Reviewers

Brian Dobbs and Sam Posten talk CES 2021 and interview HTF Reviewers Todd Erwin and Josh Steinberg.

January 7, 2021  

Introducing Home Theater United

Announcing the launch of Home Theater United: The Home Theater Forum Podcast!  Hosts Brian and Sam discuss why they have changed the name, where the podcast will be hosted, and detail their plans for more episodes that will better engage HTF members, reviewers, owners and listeners from beyond the forum.
January 7, 2021  

Hey Kids, Whatcha Watchin’?

Brian Dobbs and Sam Posten talk about what they have watched in 2020 -- the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Listen in, as they try to guess where each other’s selections ended up.

January 7, 2021  

Home Video Library, Memorabilia and Tchotchkes

Brian Dobbs and Sam Posten take a deep dive into how they store, organize, and display their home theater media collection.  Sam embraces chaos, Brian is way more thoughtful.  They also discuss the tchotchkes and other items that bring personality to their home theater areas.

January 7, 2021  

Stranded On A Desert Island

Brian Dobbs and Sam Posten are joined by reviewers and owners from HTF to discuss which movies they would bring with them while stranded on a desert island.  This discussion took place during the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic, of which most people were isolated more than ever, and thus inspired the episode. Special guests include Neill Middlemiss, Todd Erwin, Dave Upton, Josh Steinberg, Cameron Yee, Adam Gregorich.

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